Cleanliness – To produce a clean arc arc and good welds, the surfaces have to be very clean. The more time you take to prep and clean your material before hand, the better the results will be.
Using the right Tungsten – Different surfaces may require different Tungsten. Typically red Tungsten is for steel and green Tungsten is for aluminum. Some welders prefer to use red Tungsten regardless of the material. Using the wrong Tungsten or even wrong Tungsten thickness can result in burn through, warpage and even damage to the Tungsten is possible.
Touching the puddle and regrinding the tip – If the Tungsten touches the puddle you have to regrind it no matter what. Not doing so results in the arc wondering badly producing undesired results.
Staying Productive – The longer you can stay welding the better you get. Keep extra Tungsten around in case of contamination to the one you are currently using for a fast change out. Keep plenty of pieces cleaned and prepped ready to weld close to you and always have a lot of extra filling rod close to hand.
Grinding the Tungsten Correctly – Incorrectly grinding the Tungsten causes a wondering unpredictable arc. Always grind the Tungsten length-wise and as even as possible. Use a dedicated grinder for Tungsten only to insure the Tungsten does not get contaminated with other materials.

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