Some General Welding principle to maintain hazard free welding processes:

Some General Welding principle to maintain hazard free welding processes:

a. To prevent injury to personnel, extreme caution should be exercised when using any types of welding equipment. Injury can result from fire, explosions, electric shock, or harmful agents. Both the general and specific safety precautions listed below must be strictly observed by workers who weld or cut metals.

b. Do not permit unauthorized persons to use welding or cutting equipment.

c. Do not weld in a building with wooden floors, unless the floors are protected from hot metal by means of fire resistant fabric, sand, or other fireproof material. Be sure that hot sparks or hot metal will not fall on the operator or on any welding equipment components.

d. Remove all flammable material, such as cotton, oil, gasoline, etc., from the vicinity of welding.

e. Before welding or cutting, warm those in close proximity who are not protected to wear proper clothing or goggles.

f. Remove any assembled parts from the component being welded that may become warped or otherwise damaged by the welding process.

g. Do not leave hot rejected electrode stubs, steel scrap, or tools on the floor or around the welding equipment. Accidents and/or fires may occur.

h. Keep a suitable fire extinguisher nearby at all times. Ensure the fire extinguisher is in operable condition.

i. Mark all hot metal after welding operations are completed. Soapstone is commonly used for this purpose.

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