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Welcome to Girisim Construction Energy & Trade Nig. LTD.
We are Nigeria’s No.1 leading company in the Distribution and Supply of Energy and Construction equipment and facilities. Our company work has been working with compentent staff both local and foreign to maintain quality in the way we reach the needs of our customers. Girisim Construction Energy and Trade co. is a large brand with partners in Istanbul, Turkey and Kotelniki City, Moscow, Russia. We offer complete solutions by providing a broad range of high performance, superior quality and cost-effective coated electrodes and welding inverters for different welding requirements and metal types. Askaynak and Weldo coated electrodes are specially designed to meet your industry’s specific needs, be it welded joints on steel constructions or surface hard facing applications. Our coated electrodes also offer superior weldability and self-releasing slag to make the welder’s job much easier in all positions. Our brand of coated electrode range includes: The basic-type coated electrodes for mild steels,electrodes for high strength, low alloy steels electrodes for heat and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, electrodes for cast iron, electrodes for non- ferrous metals, electrodes for cutting and gouging, electrodes for hard facing applications.


We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments,We do business in Nigeria, Turkey and Russia. We are dedicated to providing consistent delivery of world-class performance in welding & cutting consumables and equipment. We Promise to continue providing the best of service by optimizing price-quality-on time delivery to our valuable customers. Our company has remained committed “to always selling high quality welding consumables at competitive prices” and to provide superior service to all of our customers Continuous Improvement is our way of business life….Feel free to visit our offices in Nigeria,