Inverter 255-Ultra


  • Ideal for cutting operations in maintenance-repair and steel installation workshops.
  • High performance on cutting of low alloyed steels, stainless steels and aluminium alloys.
  • 380V-3Ph AC input power and max 60 A output current provides cutting of low alloyed steels up to 20 mm.
  • With the latest inverter technology, Inverter Plasma 65-Ultra provides a smooth cutting surface despite its small dimensions.
  • The most portable machine in its class. Weighs only 13 kg!
  • Thanks to Hall Sensor Technology, even problems such as the change of distance between the torch and workpiece since the operator loses his hand accuracy arise, the output current doesn’t change and always flawless cutting performance capability is provided at the adjusted current value.
  • Thanks to this feature you will be able to continuously cut grid, railing and similar form parts having spaced structure without interruption by pressing only once on torch trigger.
  • In case of overheating or instantaneous current increases on the machine due to over loadings on mains, protection unit activates and thermal warning lamp lights to warn the operator.
  • Thanks to advanced electronic design and safe ground connections of the machine, you will be able to perform safe cutting without the life-threatening danger risk due to electric shock.
  • While high-strength rubber coated power cable enable you to work safely during welding, it will decrease your repair & maintenance costs and time loss due to down times.
  • Since it isn’t get affected by mains hums or electromagnetic fields of other equipment operating nearby, no performance loss occurs during the cutting process.
  • You will be able to control and adjust inlet air pressure easily thanks to the air pressure meter located on the front panel.
    2 years full parts and labour warranty.

Arc-Force and Hot-Start

Arc-Force gives a power source variable additional amperage during low voltage (short-arc-length) conditions while welding. Helps avoid “sticking” stick electrodes when a short arc length is used.
Hot-Start used on Inverter 405-Ultra makes it easier to start difficult-to-start electrodes and used for arc starting only.

Inverter 255-Ultra
Nominal Mains Voltage : 380-400 V; 3~Ph ; 50/60 Hz
Max. Power Consumption : 9,5 kW (30%)
Mains Current : 14,5 A (30%)
Max Effective Current : 8,0 A
Power Factor
: 0,96 (30%)
Welding Current Values : 250 A; 30,0 V (30%)
180 A; 27,2 V (160%)
150 A; 26,0 V (100%)
Open Circuit Voltage
: 47 V (DC)
Welding Current Setting Range : 30 – 250 A
Fuse Value and Type
: 3×20  A (delay action)
Protection Class : IP21S
Cooling System
: Ventilation cooling
Weight (excl. Cables) : 13,5 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) : 165 x 280 x 440 mm
Approvals : EN 60974-1, CE, EN 60974-10