Kobatek 111




Kobatek 111 is used for ferrous or non-ferrous metals where grooving is necessary without supplementary gases and special electrode holder. For preparing sections prior to welding, gouging out old or defective weld metal, removing flash and risers. All these operations can be carried out in all positions; except vertical upwards. A thick, specially developed exothermic coating produces a forceful gas jet which blows the molten metal away, to give a smooth, clean groove. A finishing operation is unnecessary.

Strike the arc with the electrode normal to the workpiece and then immediately incline the electrode at an angle of 15-20° to the workpiece. Point the arc in the direction of travel, move the electrode forward to melt the metal and then pull it back to allow the gas jet to blow the molten metal away.

Approvals and Certificates


Application Areas

  • Gouging, bevelling cast iron and other metals
  • Removal of old welds and rivets
  • Removal of weld defects
  • Piercing holes
  • Back-gouging root runs

Welding Parameters / Packing and Diameter Informations

Current Type and Polarity : DC (-) / AC

Diameter x Length
3.25 x 350
180 – 220 5
4.00 x 350
200 – 275 5
5.00 x 350
250 – 300 5