Kobatek 315




Developed for welding of N-A-XTRA, yield strength up to 85 kg/mm² and for fine grained and high strength steels such as S690. It is
also suitable for steels which have a tensile strength more then
90 kg/mm². Weld metal is  low alloyed steel with Ni-Cr-Mo and is ideal for the applications, requiring both high toughness and crack resistance in cold environments down to –40°C.

The pre-heating operation is suggested before the welding of high strength steels and heat treated steels. Kobatek 315 can also be used for multi pass welding applications. In this situation welding operation must be continous and interpass temparature should be kept between 100-150°C.

Mechanical Properties, Typical, All Weld Metal

Yield Strength : 85 – 90 (kg/mm²)
Tensile Strength : 90 – 95 (kg/mm²)
Elongation (L=5d) : 20 (%)
Hardness : 250 – 270 (HB)
Impact (ISO-V)
: 70 (Joule) (0°C)
60 (Joule) (–20°C)
  50 (Joule) (–40°C)

Application Areas

  • Platforms of earth moving equipments
  • Welding of high strength and wear resistant  steels such as
    Hardox and Weldox
  • Repairing by welding of boom and several body cracks on
    earth moving equipments
  • Cryogenic equipment production
  • Welding of high strength and low alloyed heat treated steels
  • Production of lifting cranes
  • Production of machines, working under unsteady dynamic forces
  • Applications of root pass welding on high strength construction steels

Welding Parameters / Packing and Diameter Informations

Current Type and Polarity : DC (+) / AC

Diameter x Length
3.25 x 350
100 – 150 5
4.00 x 350
130 – 190 5