AS PIK-55 3.2x300MM


It is used in the welding of all kinds of cast iron, especially in the joining of austenitic type alloyed cast irons called Ni-Resist.


  • It has a quiet combustion, produces very little slag, and the slag is easily cleaned.
  • The weld metal is easily machinable and has good color compatibility with cast iron.
  • It has high mechanical properties and shows excellent resistance to cracking.
  • It is used in welding processes for joining and filling purposes of spheroidal graphite (spheroidal) cast iron and tempered cast iron, especially gray cast iron.
  • Ideal for joining cast irons to metals such as stainless steel and steel.
  • On the other hand, it is also used to remove voids and pores caused by machining or casting errors.
  • Welding processes in the body and foot areas of large machines, which are under the influence of dynamic and severe stresses, are the most important areas of use.
  • In order to prevent the workpiece from overheating (resulting in rapid cooling) in cold welding of cast iron, the smallest possible diameter electrodes should be selected and they should be operated at low amperage values.
  • In the welding of thick parts, it is recommended to preheat 150-200°C if possible and to cool the part slowly.
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