Since the Inverter 185-Super does not emit noise, it does not pollute the network and does not electromagnetically damage other machines and measuring devices in the same environment. In addition, there is no performance loss during the welding process as it is not affected by network noises or electromagnetic fields emitted by other devices working nearby.


  • While 16×25 mm small welding sockets are used in many inverter-type portable welding machines in the market, long-lasting and high-strength 35×50 mm CE certified welding sockets are used in Askaynak Inverter 185-Super.
  • Welding under heavy working conditions will no longer be a problem for you and your machine.
  • You will have all the advantages and assurances offered by the CE certificate and the regulations regarding LVD and EMC specified in EN 60974-1 and EN 60974-10 standards.
  • The 220 V-1 Phase input voltage and the maximum output current of 155 A provide uninterrupted welding with 2.5 and 3.2 mm diameter electrodes.
  • Thanks to the new generation electronic circuit design, it is much smaller than the old technology welding machines and weighs only 6.3 kg.
  • However, advanced plastic technology was used in the design of the front and rear covers of the Inverter 185-Super model.
  • Plastic covers produced with special raw materials in compliance with the V0 non-flammability standard are heat resistant and retain their shape for a long time without deformation.
  • IP21S protection class.
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