You will be able to obtain weld seams with a flawless appearance by continuous welding with 5.0 mm diameter rutile and especially basic character electrodes on unalloyed, low alloyed and stainless steel materials.


  • Since you will obtain 400A welding current even at 15% voltage drops up to 320V, you will be able to weld without any performance loss in applications where long cables are required and extensions are used.
  • You will have all the advantages and assurances offered by the CE certificate and the regulations regarding LVD and EMC specified in EN 60974-1 and EN 60974-10 standards.
  • Thanks to the transparent cover on the front panel, all adjustment buttons are extra protected against dirt and external impacts.
  • With 400A welding current offered at 45% duty cycle, you will now be able to weld uninterruptedly in intensive welding applications with electrodes with 5.0 mm diameters.
  • If the machine is protected due to overload, the thermal protection lamp will light up and warn you.
  • Thanks to its compatibility with the generator, you will be able to weld in environments where there is no electricity.
  • It will be possible to start the welding process with a healthier setting by reading the current value you have set from the display before starting the welding.
  • You will no longer experience the arc ignition problems you encounter, especially when welding on dirty or rusty parts and when using electrodes with damp covers.
  • Electrode sticking to the workpiece or arc interruption will no longer be a problem for you.
  • The most important issue, of course, is your health.¬†Thanks to the 50V idle working voltage, you will be able to weld safely without the risk of electric shock.
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